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Studio Cafe

By creating modern and comfortable design, we’ve breathed a new life, coziness and beauty into the architectural landmark, built in the historic town center in 1902. The layout partly refers to an image of a port city.


During the reconstruction of the building, the internal and external spaces were combined together to form one full design, which gave it’s reflect on the foreside of the neighboring construction, landscaped area and street terrace.
The time-spirit was reserved on both floors through the break work, metal posts and beams. We’ve also incorporated comfort of modern design, which is expressed in diverse cozy furniture, carefully thought-out scenarios for soft lightning, natural settings and accessories. Inviting atmosphere of the place is emphasized in attractive spacing, right combination of the furniture sets, balanced color scales and proper appliance of wood and glass.
At the end of the year 2016, we’ve developed a luxury design for the second floor lounge bar that is suitable for long-stay activities. Well-presented bar blends seamlessly into overall atmosphere. It has increased the profitability of the place and brought a new meaning to one staying in the café.

Vladivostok, Russian Federtion
258 m2