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Eleonora’s Lord Prey memorial

Architectural and designer’s composition of Eleonora’s Lord Prey memorial was open on the 4th of July in 2014. It is the symbol of love and friendship between Russia and America.


Eleanor Lord Pray – is an American, who has eternalized the history of Vladivostok in her correspondence, which was sent daily out from the city during the period of 36 years. Later, these letters were put together into a book by her descendants to become a bestseller. Aleksey Bokiy, the sculpture, embodied Eleanor as coming down to the post office.

In this composition we aimed to feature our admiration for the city we live in. It’s unicity, beauty and distinctive character. Despite all the numerous opportunities to depart from Vladivostok, Eleanor had never left it and witnessed the procession of major historical events of that time - the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-1905, World War I, Russian Revolution and Intervention. She had lived in Vladivostok up to the year 1930.

Vladivostok, Russian Federation
The urban environment
6 m2